Yogajaneuk hosts USA Athletes

Yogajaneuk owner and instructor, Jane Robertson, had the opportunity to instruct two visiting USA national and college athletes during their time in the UK.

Ex- National Team Volleyball player, Emily Knight, gave rave reviews after the class and was convinced with the benefits of Iyengar Yoga for athletes.

"Through all my years of playing, I spent the majority of my training hours in building up my muscle mass. This led to tight muscles and pinched nerves and plenty of knots. Working with Jane taught me to develop a long and lean strength in a manner that was easy for me to understand and execute. Jane's personal attention was the best part of the training - I would never have been able to accomplish the poses that I did without her help!"

-Emily will be continuing with Iyengar practice, at Yoga Sala in Norcross, GA training with Jane's USA instructor Donna Moresco.

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