Everyone is welcome to come and experience yoga in a safe, non-judgmental and welcoming space. 

Yoga can be done by every body - all ages, shapes and sizes.


Yoga is an amazing exercise that leads to emotional development in the form of increased self awareness, self acceptance, feelings of compassion, and interconnection with something greater. Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within our nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, replacing drowsiness and fatigue with feelings of aliveness and alertness.  Yoga physiologically transforms apathy and depression by oxygenating the brain and increasing the endorphins in the blood – the benefits of yoga on the mind and the body are endless!


Most importantly, yoga reminds us of who we truly are.

For more information, including “WHERE DO I START” please visit our Studio Etiquette and FAQ’s page. 

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Before Class & What to Bring

  • Please be on time. Feel free to arrive 10 minutes prior to class; lay down your mat, settle into the space and breathe.

  • Please remove outdoor shoes when you enter the studio. This helps us keep the space clean and bare foot friendly for everyone.

  • It is your responsibility to inform the teacher if you are pregnant or have any injuries before class.

  • Arrive to class WELL hydrated and avoid caffeinated beverages prior to class. Avoid eating heavy meals 2 hours before practicing, yet not hungry. If you are feeling hungry closer to class starting, it is recommended to eat something light/easy to digest such as a piece of fruit.

  • The studio is equipped with mats and props, or you are welcome to bring your own equipment.

  • Please turn mobile phones off prior to entering the studio.

  • Keep in mind, there may be a class in session when you arrive;  please use a soft voice.


In the Studio
  • Roll your mat out quietly and please move your mat if needed when making room for more students in a busier class.

  • Consistent yoga practice is necessary to obtain maximum benefits.  Remember to rest when necessary, work at your individual level and respect your body’s current physical state.  Be gentle and respectful towards your body, never moving to the point of pain; your practice and your body is your responsibility.

  • Please avoid leaving early.  If you do need to leave early, kindly let the teacher know before class and do so before savasana begins.

  • Please pick up and neatly put away any props you use.


The Fine Print
  • Each new student to our studio is required to fill out and sign our Registration/Consent form.

  • Payment is accepted by cash or bank transfer


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